Generally, if your legal problem is serious (misdemeanor or felony) and/or involves a lot of money, you might not want to risk handling the matter without the legal counsel of attorneys. Attorneys do more than just give you legal advice, he or she will be able to offer strategic advice and apply sophisticated technical skills to your legal problems. If you are facing large fines or jail time, it’s time to find the right attorneys.

Finding the right attorneys, someone who takes a personal passion in pursuing your best interests takes more than sifting through the phone book or looking through newspaper or online advertisements. If you talk to several people who have had similar legal problems, chances are they will provide you with a few good leads. That doesn’t mean you should choose your attorneys solely by the merit of someone’s recommendation. Consumer’s dissatisfaction with lawyers has been rising, with some studies showing up to one-third of consumers feeling dissatisfied.

finding the right attorneys

The following are some good tips for finding the right attorneys for you.

1. Consider a specialist. Almost all attorneys specialize in certain areas that pique their interest. There are over one million lawyers in America today, so finding the right one is just a matter of looking hard enough.

2. Interview the prospective attorneys. When you have compiled a list of prospects, the next step is to meet each one face-to-face. Generally, you will be able to schedule a half-hour appointment at no charge so that you can size them up.

3. Pay attention to personality. Your attorneys, no matter how experienced they are, is someone you have to feel comfortable with in order to reach an ideal attorneys-client relationship. Pick attorneys whose personality is compatible with yours.

4. Ease of communication and promptness. Ask your prospective attorneys how you will be able to contact them and how long it will take them to return your calls. Don’t assume your attorneys will be prompt because of his personality.

5. Willingness to work with you. When you have a legal problem, you need legal information. Attorneys are a prime source of this information, but if you bought all the information you needed at their rates, $150-$300/hour, most people would go bankrupt. So make sure your attorneys are willing to work with you, at a reasonable rate, to provide the help you need.

6. Finally, choose attorneys you know you can afford. Discuss flat-rate or hourly rate billing. Your attorneys should be able to provide you with a rough estimate on both types of charges. Avoid the embarrassment, and harassment, that comes with not being able to pay your bills.

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